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A Christian website and
Christian chat room center.

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Promoting wholeness for body, soul and spirit through counseling and a diversity of helpful writings pertaining to real life issues. Also resource links, Bible study tools and Poetic pages. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

A Drama Free Zone
Life and Professional Coaching from a Christian Perspective. These online Teleclasses will help to transform your family life! Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

The American Association of Christian Therapists is an Association that certifies qualified Christian and pastoral counselors through high standards of qualification and training. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

ABCOG: Christian Living and Literature
ABCOG: Christian Living and Literature Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Acts2.Com Christian Web Hosting And Design Center
Christian Web Hosting with Real Audio G2 Servers for Live and on demand Audio and Videos. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Advice from the Bible for daily living
Christian books and online Bible studies on the family, marriage, parenting, jealousy and communication. Other topics include anger, temptation and self-esteem. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Aletheia Counseling
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

All Clean & Family Safe Christian Jokes
Enjoy a wide variety of Christian jokes, clean jokes, and family safe jokes and humor. Pastors, Christmas, God, Marriage, sermons, Sunday School, church jokes, men vs women, kids, free Christian jokes.com, and more. Rate It [ 1.00 / 1 Votes ]

Apologetics Information Ministry
AIM strives to provide solid Biblical teaching on many pertinent issues. There is a variety of information on Christian Doctrine, apologetics, cults, the occult, world religions, and non-Christian philosphies on this site. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Assess Yourself! Measure What Matters
World-class resources for living your faith at work! Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Authentic Walk Ministries - Home Page
Authentic Walk Ministries offers a free online discipleship course to help us overcome temptation and know God more. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Home Page
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Beauty From Ashes
"Beauty From Ashes"; a brand new forum for Christian WOMEN ONLY who are struggling with the difficulties of life, need support and encouragement and are desiring to draw closer to the heart of God. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Bethel Ministries - Eye-opening articles to expose false teaching.
Thought-provoking articles on the Holocaust, Messianic Jews, spanking children, apostasy, rapture, end time prophecy, demonology, last days, and spiritual warfare to expose false teaching. Rate It [ 10.00 / 1 Votes ]

Bible Life Ministries - God's Salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Bible Life Ministries presents answers to what the Bible really says about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, evolution, creation, mankind, the Ten Commandments, salvation, sin, abortion, homosexuality, grace, repentance, love, forgiveness and good works. Read about the Dispensation of Grace. Tour King Solomon's Temple. This is an excellent source for those who wish to understand the Bible and it's major doctrines. Don't miss the husband school and wife school. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Bible Trivia Site.com - Welcome to Bible Trivia Site on the Net! bible trivia /
Bible Trivia Site.com is a brand new online ministry dedicated to learning and sharing God's Word in a fun and exciting manner! This is the site for anyone looking for bible trivia, bible quiz, bible challenge, Bible trivia, Bible quiz, Bible challenge on the Net! Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

BibleCounseling.org: Home: Parenting, marriage, and dysfunctional family counsel
Counseling on topics such as parenting, marriage, and dysfunctional families. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Biblical counseling resources by Wayne Mack
A biblical counseling ministry of Wayne Mack, Strengthening Ministries International provides training and resources to equip the Christian church, biblical counselors and individuals to apply biblical principles in their ministries and in their lives. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Bikers 4 Christ
Christian Bikers riding for Jesus and loving it Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Blessed Godsend:Prelude To New Moral Covenant,God,Modern Man
Blessed GodSend:God Sends Moral Covenant,Christian morals,Bible morality, Spiritual teacher,Love,Justice,peace,freedom,human life,human dignity,Jesus Christ. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Books for Writers - Used Writing Books for Sale
Used books for writers at a reasonable price Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Broadcaster.org.uk - Interviews, People and their Stories, and Bible Topics
Interviews and stories on topics like school bullying, being cured of agoraphobia, avoiding a cycling accident, the risks of attempting suicide and the dangers of cults. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Build free Christian websites - Free Christian web hosting, web design, search e
Free Christian web hosting and search registration and affordable web site design services! Build FREE Christian websites with an affordable web site hosting provider. We also offer Christian website marketing and search engine registration - OurChurch.Com. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

BuildingChurch.net - The Church is not the Building, It's the People - Home
Tools for building up the body of Christ: an online spiritual gifts inventory (Gifted2Serve), personal ministry profile (Find Your Place), spiritual disciplines, worship, church growth/health, architecture, and more! Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

C.A.R.E., Inc. -  A non-profit Christian organization for Survivors of Ritu
A Christian site for survivors of ritual abuse Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Care of the Soul
This site provides information, articles, coping methods, stories, inspiration and hope for God's people seeking such. Events related to spirituality and holistic health are current, including research on addictions and grace. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Cascade Christian Counselling Association Located in Surrey, Abbotsford, Smither
Improve the quality of your life. At Cascade Christian Counselling, we specialize in providing healing solutions for relationship issues in marriages, parent-child situations or other interpersonal situations. Cascade bases it's activities on Biblical principles and insights, and is also grounded in the social sciences. Cascade provides psychologically valid Christian counselling to the whole community. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Chat 4 Christ - Christian Chat
Earth's largest Christian Chat. No download or registration required. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A large on-line library of classic Christian books for download or browsing Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Counseling Centers
Christian Counseling Centers is the largest provider of Christian counseling and psychotherapy services in Northern California. Its mission is to provide comprehensive and effective services which are integrated and consistent with Christian beliefs and values. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Counseling Ministries
Christian Counseling Ministry provides intensive Christian base counseling in the beautiful mountains of Colorado or ocean front of Florida. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Counseling Services Listening Care Christian Counseling
Christian counseling and support is offered by trusted Christian life coach Tonia Gibson and Listening Care Christian Counseling. Christian counseling and guidance is confidential and supportive, by phone or online. Please contact Tonia for free initial consultation. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Daily Devotions sent to you each day from Fresh Bread
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Drug Rehab - Christian Recovery - Drug Addiction Rehabilitation
Eternal Awakenings Christian Drug Rehab is a faith-based rehab program focusing on rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction through Christian Recovery. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Family Institute
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Fellowship Devotionals - Free Daily Email Devotionals
Free daily devotionals via the web or email written from an evangelical perspective. Over 1100 articles on file covering 70+ topics with a depth from personal to seminary study. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Film Brotherhood
The Christian Film Brotherhood is a nonprofit 501c3 youth ministry dedicated to making exciting movies that plant the seed of faith with mass appeal. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Interracial Dating
Interracial Dating for Christians with morals and values. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Kids
This is a site for kids who are christians. On the site there are lots of games, funny stuff, Bible verse of the day and more Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Kids
This is a site for kids who are christians. On the site there are lots of games, funny stuff, Bible verse of the day and more Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Marriage & Family Counseling: Seminars, Resources for Anger, Depre
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian Outdoorsman.... the #1 site for the Christian Outdoor enthusiast.
Christian Outdoorsman is equipping the Christian Outdoor enthusiast in Sport and Spirit. We provide over 29,000 hunting products, outdoor devotionals, youth outdoor gear, Flint and Steel, Christian Music, The Camouflage Bibles, information on hosting Christian Outdoor Events, Pictures, Articles, Forums and more.... Rate It [ 10.00 / 1 Votes ]

Christian Psychology Perspective
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian and Children's Music Entertainment Store
Happy Heart Music: A safe, simple and easy online retail store for you to find and buy Christian and Children's music Entertainment Merchandise featuring one of the largest selections in Children's, Books, DVDs and VHS Videos including Software. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian counselors, marriage counseling, mental health,
marriage counseling christian counseling christian counselors mental health Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christian professional counselor, referral for Christian financial advisor
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

ChristianDVD.com - Christian DVD online
Christian DVD in several categories : children's dvd, youth dvd, drama dvd, foreign language dvd, historical dvd, inspirational dvd, music dvd, comedy dvd, native dvd, science dvd, secular dvd, sports videos, teaching videos. Browse through our on-line catalog by category, or search for a particular title or topic. Our site is secure (SSL). Rate It [ 9.00 / 1 Votes ]

ChristianFilms.com - Christian movies, Christian dvds, Christian videos
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

ChristianityToday.com - Informing. Inspiring. Connecting. Equipping.
ChristianityToday.com is the official Web site of Christianity Today International that informs, inspires, connects, and equips Christians through community-building interest areas, news with a Christian slant, and more. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Christianmovie.net Christian Movie Reviews
Christian Movie.net - At Christianmovie.net we are a community of people that are committed to supporting great family entertainment. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Church Growth Institute
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Coastal Counseling Center
Coastal Counseling Center is a faith based Christian Counseling Center serving Galveston County, Texas. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Coastalcounseling -
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Conditions And Love
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Depression hurt and sadness is no way to live your life. A spiritually captivating collection of letters written by people from all over the world hurting and in need. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Connecting Hope to the Hurting
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Connections Christian Counselling Services
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
The CCCU exists to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to help our institutions transform lives by faithfully relating scholarship and service to biblical truth. Under the governance of a 15-member board of directors, the CCCU staff cooperates with dozens of volunteer leaders to fulfill the Council’’s mission through more than 100 services to meet a wide variety of campus needs. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Counseling Associates Of oRome
Counseling Associates of Rome in Rome, Georgia, USA, provides counseling services for adults, adolescents and children from a Christian perspective. The site contains valuable links, recommended books, articles, and info about our services. Rate It [ 9.00 / 1 Votes ]

Counselling resources for divorce, marriage, relationships
We provide Christian counselling material to address relational issues and traumatic situations Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

CrossDaily.com - Bible Trivia
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Daily - The PCCWeb Devotional Page
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Daily Devotions
Daily Devotions - A Few Moments With God is a wonderful and free daily devotion site. All devotions are biblical, concise, easy to read, sometimes humorous, and always inspirational. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Dean and Laura VanDruff's Home Page
Here you will find Acts 17:11 Bible studies, a magazine of articles and humor, Christian reflections and meditations, doctrinal dialogs and commentary, and an on-line photo gallery. Come visit! Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Desert Rock Ministries Proclamation
Desert Rock Christian Ministries specializes in relationship issues, mood and thought problems, addictive behaviors, sexual issues, and spiritual issues. Such as, marriage counceling, domestic violence, depression, drug addiction, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and dysfunction. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Devotional E-Mail - Christian, Biblical Encouragment!Devotional E-Mail - Christi
Devotional E-Mail is a Christian biblical message that encourages you in your walk with Jesus Christ. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Disabled Cid
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Donna Intera "whole woman"
For women who want to break damaging patterns in their lives to become happier, healthier, to enjoy more satisfying relationships, and to become more spiritually fulfilled Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Directory Substance Abuse Detox Programs
Addiction Treatment Center Directory of Drug Rehabs, Detox Centers and Sober Living Homes. Residential substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis bi-polar and co-occuring disorder programs. Online Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Narcotics Anonymous meetings Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

El Rophe Center, Inc.
El Rophe is a Christian family counseling center with offices in Waxhaw, NC and Rock Hill, SC. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Emmaus Pastoral Counselling: Marriage & Family Therapy
Building healthy relationships through individual therapy, marriage therapy, family therapy and sex therapy in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Emory University Web Server
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Expired Domain Name
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Family Consultation Service
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

FamilyGrowth - Your Source for Growing Healthy Marriages & Families
FamilyGrowth offers downloadable reports on counseling subjects, books and audio interviews, a free member's forum bulletin board, and information on having Larry Quicksall speak at your conference or seminar. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Father's Hands Christian Inspirational Poems and Stories
Nicely illustated Christian inspirational poems and stories, with photos, java and art. Seeks to help Christians in their walk of faith. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

NewChristian BBS Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Fill The Void
Is Your Life Empty? Let the Lord Jesus Christ fill the void!! Informative articles that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Final Solution - The Movie
Final Solution, produced by Messenger Films, is the true story of Gerrit Wolfaardt, a white South African, who has set his heart on making peace between blacks and whites in his troubled country. But in 1993, near the time of South Africa's first-ever universal elections, violence has the upper hand. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Find His Power Of Love, Grace, Caring, And Forgiveness In Christian Inspiration,
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Free Daily Devotions
free daily devotions are email daily devotions filled with gods love hope and faith designed to start your day with a daily devotions spiritual boost Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Free resources to churches ministering to the children of divorc
Free printable resources for churches ministering to the children of divorce. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Freedom Institute - Welcome To Freedom Institute
Freedom Institute is a ministry dedicated to enlightening, educating, encouraging and empowering participants to understand the truth about themselves and God so that they can reach their full potential in life. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Freedom's Ring
Cecil Hook's website for Christians who are moving from legalism to God's grace and unity. The site includes complete books, articles, a Java Chatroom, a Message Board, and a Guestbook. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Friends -N- Jezus Christian Personals
Christian Personals site offering lifetime membership for $2.95 Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Fuller Theological Seminary
FW4 FP HTML Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Glory Haven ...let His Glory be your Haven!
Devoted for Christians to learn more and grow closer to Jesus Christ and for the unsaved searching to learn about Jesus Christ and to bring them to accept Him as their Lord and Savior using links, devotionals, search engines, free software, wallpapers, Bible study tools, comics, and Outreach messages. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

God's Little Acre
A Christian website of inspirational and spiritual growth poems and stories, Christian and other clean jokes and cartoons, words of wisdom, daily scripture and devotionals, statement of faith, prayer book, prayer requests, Christian midis and more Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Godsquad forum
this is a place to chat to other christians about stuff Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Good News Specialized Ministries
Non-profit, non-denominational Christian Ministry that provides clinical Christian counseling; training, educating, & certifying Christian counselors & counseling ministers. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Gospelcom.net: An alliance of over 300 online Christian ministries
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

H&H Web Design and Graphics
H&H Web Design is a full service web development offers free templates, intros, graphics, scripts and custom web design Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Harbor Christian Counseling Services
At Harbor Christian Counseling Services, Inc., we recognize that sometimes life brings situations that make it difficult to cope, and hinder us from living satisfied and productive lives. It is our goal to provide a safe and respectful atmosphere for sharing, gaining new insights and skills, and growing in perspectives that will allow life-giving change. The counseling process is designed to assist the client(s) in determining godly direction for their lives and in achieving reconciliation in their relationships. Our therapists are committed to a style of counseling that recognizes the Word of God as our governing influence. Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Hillcrest Chapel
Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

Rate It [ 0.00 / 0 Votes ]

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