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Web Site Rating System
Our new rate-it system allows your visitors to rate your site. This rating is stored on our server and effects the order that your site is listed in. If you want to raise your listing order this is the way to achieve it.

Below is the code and and an example of what to expect.

<!-- Site Rating System --> <FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/search/rateit.cgi" METHOD="post">Please Rate My Site: <SELECT NAME="RATING"> <OPTION VALUE=""> <OPTION VALUE="10">10 <OPTION VALUE="9">9 <OPTION VALUE="8">8 <OPTION VALUE="7">7 <OPTION VALUE="6">6 <OPTION VALUE="5">5 <OPTION VALUE="4">4 <OPTION VALUE="3">3 <OPTION VALUE="2">2 <OPTION VALUE="1">1 </SELECT> <INPUT NAME="ID" VALUE="YOUR ID HERE" TYPE="HIDDEN"> <INPUT TYPE="Submit" VALUE="Rate It" NAME="action"> </FORM> <!-- End Site Rating System -->

An Example:
Please Rate My Site:


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