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  1. Free House Church Resource
    Free resources to help your house church be successful. Study the Bible with our free printable Bible studies, gain fresh insights for your house church and find answers to your questions.
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  2. InspiringCalm.com - HOME P
    Inspiring Calm produces CD's of Scripture verses and reflections read to a calming background of music, birdsong, gentle streams and ocean waves. Ideal as a introduction to a time of prayer or worship within a small group or church service. Listen to the CD resources at the Inspiring Calm website
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  3. Small Groups Provide Sheph
    Shepherding Ministry effectively tends to the spiritual welfare of believers over the course of time by watching over, guiding, and nurturing them to become more Christ-like. Shepherding can be done by in small groups.
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  4. The Line In The Sand
    The Line in the Sand is a small group study guide intended to take your group deep into the cavern of your heart. The result is awesome! Everything is in the light, you have the support of your group, and God Loves you!
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  5. Joyful Journey Productions
    This website provides helpful information and small group Bible studies on Christian marriage and couples interested in enhancing their sexual relationship
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