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  1. Automated Church System (C
    Since 1978, ACS has been a leading supplier of fully integrated, customized software to help churches manage information about people, finances, schedules, etc. Over 11,000 churches count on ACS to help them be more effective in their ministry. Training, customer support, forms and supplies available.
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  2. Children's Ministry Manage
    Pastor Dbase is shareware for church and children ministry leaders to help manage their children information in an easy to use database. Keep track of birthdays, address info, medical info, programs, staff and more!!
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  3. Online Youth Group
    Online Youth Group's community software provides a professional solution for youth pastors and leaders to interact with youth online and brings the most popular online teen activity into ministry.
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  4. Christian Powerpoint Templ
    Your sermon or church presentation will stand out with our religious powerpoint templates. Each powerpoint template comes with three backgrounds to make your presentation more interesting. Download your christian powerpoint template now!
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