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  1. Spirithome Web Site
    A plain-talking resource on spirituality and the Spirit, as seen from a Christian viewpoint. Traditional and daring, and probably not what you expect.
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  2. The Greek Expository New T
    Web site bringing an updated library of Greek expository teachings to the evry day Christian
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  3. Christians in Indonesia
    Christian free stuff and localChristian links. For christianvisitors to Indonesia andChristians in Indonesia.
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  4. Coachwalk
    Helping believers walk in their life purpose and achieve their desired outcomes through inspired life coaching.
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  5. Elisha serves.com
    We are a prophetic web site. we offer Biblical dream interpretation as well as prophetic ministry
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  6. Gospel Shows
    Gospel clown shows puppet shows magic shows
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  7. Mark Of The Beast
    Learn about the mark of the beast by honoring the words of God. Find out how the scriptures have best recommended avoiding the mark of the beast.
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  8. abbotsford counselling
    affordable and result-based counselling services
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  9. Are You Led By The Holy Sp
    The Holy Spirit wants to lead you to a life of intimacy with Him. Open up your heart, draw near to Him and let the love and power of God work in your life!
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  10. Letter to God
    We come into this world from where we don't know? leave going where we are not sure and in between are faced with a joyously, painful, confusing thing called life. Sound difficult? Have questions? Write a Letter to your God and view letters left by others to their God. Seek answers in the Self Help article resource
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  11. Be Ready Ministry
    christian website where you will find:international and religious news,end-times ressources, support for persecuted christians,bible study,teachings,free stuff and more...
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  12. Christian Speaker for Wome
    With the mission of exalting God and His Word, Katie Hoffman is available to speak to your ladies group about joy, being thankful, obedience to God, shining as lights in the world, and much more!
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  13. dakota's pastoral pasture
    a place for pastors, missionaries & christian workers to come and be themselves
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  14. Heir to Life
    Christian Life Coaching and Church Coaching. Personal and Spiritual Growth, Life Purpose, Goal-setting, Discipleship and Counseling Support.
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  15. Bumper Harvest Ministries
    Darin Montgomery is the Author of A Membership Guide to the Body of Christ and is an Evangelist. Darins passion is to see the Body of Christ become the living-functioning organism that Jesus Christ intended it to be.
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  16. The Christian And Birth Co
    Online examination of the Bible's support for family planning.
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  17. Christian Resources ‎(ch
    Find tons of Christian Resources sure to be a blessing to all Christian Freebies Games Radio Stations Pastor resources books and MusicChristian Link Exchange
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  18. The Joseph Gate
    Biblical strategies for dream interpretation. Christian business opportunities available.
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  19. Freedom In Jesus Christ Mi
    The ministry seeks to help believers walk in the light of spiritual truth and understanding via Christian chat room fellowship, audio sermons and other multimedia services.
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  20. I Want 2 Be A.L.I.V.E. (Al
    The purpose of this website is to improve the lives of individuals by empowering them with the tools necessary to be A.L.I.V.E. (Always Living In Victorious Experiences) emotionally, spiritually, and in the process of their discipleship.
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