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  1. Music In It!
    The OFFICIAL web site for NANOSECOND has a music VIDEO and FULL CD in STREAMING MP3 and STREAMING QUICK TIME formats! We even have clips in REAL AUDIO and REAL VIDEO! This site has a link page for INDEPENDENT ARTISTS. Do you have what it takes to get listed?
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  2. Lorray's Artist Page
    Artist page for songwriter/performer Lorray. . . featuring free MP3's, CD's , and more of Contermporary Christian Music
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  3. Free books and contemporar
    Free books and contemporary Christian music in MP3, plus helpful and/or humorous articles by Jim Watkins
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  4. Christmas Music & Free MP3
    Lorray Productions, providing Christmas music, music for children's groups, Praise and Worship, and more!
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  5. radical christian music
    streetwise music with a heavenly message
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  6. Godcore
    Godcore is the web-source for Christian Rock Music. Alternative, Ska, Punk, Rap, Rapcore, Metal, Hardcore, Gothic, rock, audio, video, chat and concerts.
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  7. Faith on Fire Studios
    Faith on Fire Studios is a Christian music studio featuring the talents of Michele Milano, B.A. Music. Ms. Milano, a former performer of Christian television sings upbeat music with a classical touch. Her voice has been likened to Sandi Patti's and Sarah Brightman's.
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  8. fishmusik
    New site showcasing the music of Christopher Karpus,an innovative contemporary Christian songwriter
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  9. Isaac Moore Music Producti
    Provides custom music for recording or performance to singers, songwriters and groups. Prefer southern gospel and christian contemporary. Downloadable mp3 samples.
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  10. The Time Is Gonna Come
    This new CD features original music inspired by the Last Days and the messages of Heaven. An anti-abortion song titled, "Do You Know What You've Done?" is featured. It is our hope that this song can help in the fight against abortion.
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  11. ChristianStore.biz
    Your Internet Store For Christian Books, Music and Products!
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  12. image bank - images for wo
    fully searchable bank of images, photographs and pictures for use in Christian worship, events and talks.
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  13. image bank - images for wo
    fully searchable bank of images, pictures, photographs for Christian worship, events and talks.
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  14. Visual Cliff
    Visual Cliff is a Christian progressive rock band that blends the energy and power of hard rock & metal with the intricacies of Jazz Fusion. They have 4 albums and have gained critical acclaim throughout the world!
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  15. Nation Changers Church - D
    A fresh approach to Praise & Worship led by Dave James and the Nation Changers Church Band.
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  16. The Rain Project
    Solo, christian music project made freely available to everyone. Offers a message of hope, comfort, and salvation.
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  17. Psallo Ministry
    Fresh New Music & Lyrics, Soundtracks, ect.
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  18. Catholic Lyrics
    A site with lyrics to christian songs for use with personal worship and growth in the Lord.
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  19. Wisdom's Gift Magazine
    A fun and interactive magazine sharing God's wisdom as it relates to everyday life issues of young Christians.
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  20. Media Relations & Public R
    White Dove Communications, LLC (WDC Media) is an industry leader in media relations. As a news placement service and public relations firm, WDC Media is dedicated to securing maximum exposure for Christians in a highly competitive news environment.
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