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  1. Rejoice!
    An uplifting Christian site that is fun to visit. If you are feeling down go to this site.
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  2. God's Property
    Lots of Links , and info about me..and #1 God.
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  3. The Jelley Jar
    Country living tips, recipes, pets, graphics and more!
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  4. Prayer Changes Things
    Prayer is the Key to heaven and faith unlocks to door! Come leave your prayer requests with us and pray for others. Come fellowship in our chatroom and meet other believers.
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  5. Grace That Is Greater
    My web site is designed primarily to encourage those with emotional hurts to turn to Jesus as their source for healing.
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  6. christ2gather.com
    Christ2gather is exploding with the love of Christ and wants to share it with YOU! come see our pages of poems,prayers,devotionals,and much more.
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  7. Inspirational Writings by
    Need some inspiration? Here are my writings and I hope you find them inspiring!
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  8. The Power of Love
    This is a site with all original inspirational poetry and essays to uplift and build up.
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  9. My Precious Rose,
    A Christian Poem of comfort, if you have lost a loved one.
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  10. The Conservative Christian
    A site dedicated to restoring God in our country and encouraging conservative Christians to stand up and be strong. Here you will find pages on public education help, people in the media who are fighting the good fight and many original ideas on what you can do to join in this fight !!!
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  11. Roz's Home
    A place of refuge for encouragement, inspiration, fellowship and rest in the beauty of the Lord. Online prayer requests, personal testimonies, kingdom links and resources. Patriot & kids page.
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  12. Manna From On High
    An anointed website to speak to the lonely and disillusioned, the ones that have no anchor for their lives and are drifting endlessly, and those that are searching for God.
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  13. BrownBuffalo.com
    Friends and Family site of Matt & Angela Brown of Lockport, NY
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    A cancer survivor's profound testimony of extreme tests of faith; of dark periods as black as night; of excruciating pain and horror; of hope nearly lost... and of God's mercy
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  15. The Writings of Mary E. Ad
    Personal writings and lessons from the Holy Spirit.
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  16. Touch Of Eden
    Christian site where everyone's welcome. Come light an online prayer candle and enjoy many inspirational pages.
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  17. The Grace of God in Christ
    A personal site discussing the doctrines of grace, and other subjects that are relevant to today's Christian.
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  18. Perez Cruz

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  19. The Grace of God in Christ
    A website with articles discussing the doctrines of grace, and other subjects that came to mind in my own personal Bible study.
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  20. Stacey Blankenship
    Affiliate Marketing, Advertising Promotions & Referral Services.
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