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  1. God and family
    A Christian site for families. Articles for parents and kids. Bible search, Christian music player, games, graphics, and tips for computers in the Christian home.
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  2. Stop, Look, Listen Family
    Find a thought for the day in your Bible reading. A hands-on, open forum, discussion of Bible study methods and answers to Bible questions. Join us and make the project better or let us know if we can help you understand your Bible.
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  3. BibleAndReference.com - Bi
    Study the Bible with some of the best tools on the Internet today. Search by verse, topic, or by version. Reference tools include concordances, dictionaries, lexicons and more. This is the one place to bookmark for any time you're digging deeper into the Bible and you're desiring to know the Scriptures better.
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  4. Every Step
    A christian website for teens and most importantly Jesus!
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  5. JimLow's Audios
    Audio Bible teachings for any size gist to help us. 1-free title if you cannot afford to give.
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  6. The Remnant Seed
    Bible Prophecy
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  7. 1 ABSOLUTELY ! ! ! GOD
    NO DOUBT Denominations are nothing more than the fulfillment of ACTS 20.30 Stop helping satan in his fight against God and His ONE church QUICK... CLICK ON THIS NOW
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  8. The Good News
    Proclaiming the gospel of grace to the saved and unsaved.
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  9. His Way "From Darkness To
    His Way "From Darkness To Light" has Bible studies available for those who desire to know and follow the truth and not the traditions of man. Visit His Way to learn the truth that is not taught in church.
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  10. Sonic Light
    Offering FREE expository (Bible study) notes on all 66 books of the Bible, MP3 Bible Study CDs, and an audio-based internet broadcasting service for Christian organizations.
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  11. ChristianCDROM
    Over 340 Bibles, Commentaries and Reference Works on CD-ROM. All for only pennies per volume.
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  12. Available Light
    an online ministry where seekers of truth find hundreds of web pages, Bible Study Archives, Ladies' (Women's') Bible Studies, Christian Chat Rooms, Discipleship Training Series, Witnessing, and more
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  13. credamus bible studies
    Uncommon Bibles studies on subjects like dressing up for church do animals have a soul can a christian be a soldier how are christians supposed to behave at work Overcoming sin The bride The door Confessing Christ The great work
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  14. The Virtual Seminary
    Bible, Theology and Ministry Resources for Pastors, Teachers and Students
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  15. The Virtual Seminary
    Bible, Theology and Ministry Resources for Pastors, Teachers and Students
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  16. ChristDaily
    ChristDaily text messages a verse from the Bible to your cell phone every day, giving you the opportunity to connect with God.
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  17. All About Jesus
    Gain scriptural understanding and teaching, Learn about Christ, Gain insight to the wisdom of Christ, Bible study online
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  18. Gods Glory
    Christian fellowship message forum.
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  19. e-church-online
    Online Church
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  20. Full Gospel Bible Teaching
    A Bible Teaching Fellowship. We present the Word of God in a context applicable to every day living.
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