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Adult Education (7)
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  1. Weird Richard
    A page devoted to using LEGOs as an educational tool. Subjects include robotics, architecture, engineering, mathematics and plain old LEGO building!
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  2. Train-Up A Child Publishin
    In-depth, independent Bible studies/curriculum for children, grades 3 to 5. Illustrations and activities designed to help children understand and apply God's principles to their lives.
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  3. Christian Life School of T
    A monthly set of consentrated bible college courses of a variety of excellent speakers designed for those seroiusly seeking the Will of Go in their lives. For more info and free application packgage come checck out our great website today.
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  4. Exploring Christianity
    With so many religions: Why Christianity? What is repentance? Why forgiveness matters? God’s vision for his family, The Church? These and other thoughtful and well-informed articles will help readers understand more clearly the truth and relevance of Christian beliefs.
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  5. Circle of Hope
    Discipleship materials aimed at those investigating Christianity, new and mature believers, those seeking inner healing.
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  6. Making Money Work: A Chris
    ?Making Money Work: A Christian Guide For Personal Finance? is a book and CD ROM that combines the power of Biblical principles with modern day technology to empower people to become better stewards of God's resources.Order online at www.MakingMoneyWork.us.
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  7. Renewing Your Mind
    Building the self-confidence to experience the abundance God wants for you.
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  8. Nursing School
    Nursing school: travel nurses in search of registered nursing degree and jobs.
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  9. Whitefield Theological Sem

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  10. Jeff VanVonderen - Family
    Jeff VanVonderen: Family Intervention, Crisis Intervention, Intervention, Training, Consultations, Workshops on Addiction and Recovery
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  11. American Bible College & S

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  12. Church Communication Netwo

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  13. Cult Information of ICSA&#

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  14. Social Venture Network
    The Social Venture Network (SVN) transforms the way the world does business by leveraging its members' collective strengths of leadership, knowledge and enterprise for a more just and sustainable economy.
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  15. ChristianTeacher.org - Hom
    Dedicated to providing information which will enable Christians teaching in public schools to stand true to their faith while working within the framework of government-regulated curriculum standards.
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  16. HIS Character - Character
    HIS Character, certified consultant - implementation and support of the Character First training series for businesses, employees, families, schools, law enforcement and government agencies.
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  17. biblecollege.com

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  18. Gathered to Jesus' Name

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  19. www.creativepurpose101.com

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  20. Psalm Singer Messianic Min
    Messianic/Apologetic - information & resources on the Jewish background of Christianity,defending the biblical faith,the biblical feasts as a portrait of Messiah & more.
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